Te Reo Maori

we have been learning language about ko au which means  me myself and i.

so what 
something i have learnt to say is my mihi

now what
my next learning step is to do it without the words
Title space WALT planets I learned about space Here is an example of my learning one day the sun will burn mars is hot next time i will learn more about the stars and the moon


WALT:to get better at backstroke

I learned how to do backstroke

Here is an example of my learning I had to stay on my back the whole length

Next time I will try harder at backstroke

Art Term 2

WALT  to create a mosaic picture with pastel and Indian ink.
I learned  how to do a mosaic picture 
Here is an example of my learning

Next time I will  try to do it brighter.


WALT: Infer meaning from the text

I learned to infer meaning from the text

I achieved my goal because I used pictures from the text

Next time I will use clues in the text to infer.


TITLE: Anzac writing.
WALT write a  narrative about Anzac day.
I learned to write a narrative story about Anzac day.
I achieved my goal  because i wrote a long story.
NEXT time i will write a longer story.

My two best sentences are; when they were on the beach they felt gritty sand on there feet. They needed to make a trench so they don't get shot.

Cross Country.

WALT: Run 1.5km for cross country.

I learned it was a far run.
I achieved my goal because I came 4th out of the year 4 girls.
Next time I will try and get third place.

Reading Term 1

WALT - Work out what unknown words mean through context clues and confirming using dictionary

Success Criteria

Find words that we are unsure of in the text.

Use a dictionary to find out what they mean.